Blockchain Brawlers August Calendar Overview

Let’s dive into all of the exciting things players can expect in the month ahead, including Closed Beta play sessions, crafting with BRAWL-O-SEUMS and the launch of vIRL Market.

At the start of each month, we’ve presented you with a calendar packed with all the main events, blog posts, updates and upcoming features for Blockchain Brawlers. And today is no different!

We always do our very best to provide you with important details behind what’s featured on the calendar because community inclusion and expectation setting are incredibly important to us.

In June, we spoke about balancing out the supply and demand for Gold within the game. In July, the main message was increasing BRWL utility across the board.

With that being said, let’s dive into what’s ahead and what you can expect in the month ahead.

For August, we have three big tent poles to have on your radar:

  1. Our first Closed Beta play session goes live
  2. Crafting with BRAWL-O-SEUMS
  3. And last but not least, the launching of our own marketplace inside the actual game itself


The Closed Beta play session will go live on August 25, 2022.

Players who are eligible to play are as follows: all Blockchain Brawlers Ambassadors, all Pink Battletag holders and all WAX Studio employees. We may add more people as the time draws near.

The play session itself will be just that–a play session. For an hour here and there (windows of play) over several days, we will open up the highly-anticipated PvP game to be played head-to-head by select players.

This will be a very stripped down build of the game just to understand ease of play and to spot emerging metas. The main aim is to ensure the core game is balanced and the rules work for all players independent of their play style.

When the play windows are announced, we will also post a tutorial video for everyone to watch before engaging in the Closed Beta to make sure they can hit the ground running. There may or may not be any in-ring action as the primary focus will be very much on the card game in its entirety–not rowdy in-ring beatdowns. We may choose to keep that portion under wraps.


Next up is what BRAWL-O-SEUM owners have been waiting for: the crafting game! This behemoth of a feature is currently set to go live on August 31st.

We are being very, very careful with the development and we are allowing for a lot of contingencies. This is our way of saying it may actually come out sooner, but seeing as this is the most complex and deepest gameplay we have ever built, we want to be extra careful to make sure it works as designed and is bug free.


Lastly, is the introduction of vIRL Market. This is a WAX Studios owned marketplace, where we control the roadmap so player driven features and functionality are much easier to take into account.

This is why we are going to support buying and selling with BRWL and Gold NFTs as the settlement currency.

And just one more thing…


This month, we aim to drop messaging early and often about where we are going and why. Content will feature the ability to try out hands-on playables, a brand new crafting mode for BRAWL-O-SEUM owners, and lots of lots of video showcasing what’s getting built. There will be more to do and see this month than ever before.

To tie it all together: We’re throwing what we’re calling our first-ever Summer BLOCK Party.

More details to come, but it will include our players, WAX ambassadors, some cool giveaways and some more incredible and exciting news we can’t wait to share with all of you!

We’ll reveal more in our Summer Block Party Announcement on Monday August 8. Stay tuned!

01, Aug 2022