A Deep Dive Into BRAWL-O-SEUM Leveling Design

The higher you go and the sooner you get there, there will be packs with varied content waiting for you.

Ever since we floated the idea in Discord about releasing a crafting-driven feature tied to creating content for the PvP game, we have been obsessed with building a thought-provoking set of meta-loops to challenge our most insightful and engaged players.

This is no easy feat! Our players are smart and have contemplated every variable and every angle tied to how to optimize their own path of progression or desired playstyles. Here’s what we have come up with: A system where the way forward seems easy and obvious, but the best path will be driven by market conditions of your own creation.

That means players will create this ever-changing and evolving set of conditions on what actions to take moment to moment, day to day, and crafting attempt by crafting attempt.

Important note: Each decision you make will have knock-on or indirect effects.

The “Easy” Crafting Option

When you review the chart below, there are things that should be very clear to you. The first thing you’ll notice is that the safest path forward is always the “Easy” crafting option. It never fails, emits a little bit of Experience Points (XP) that increases very, very slowly over time and is always the lowest cost option. This will be the path that most players choose to a certain level until other paths become more attractive.

The “Medium” Crafting Option

Since we know that our players don’t like things being easy, obvious or safe, for the majority of you, the “Medium” difficulty option will be the next path at your disposal. This is where the cost is slightly higher per crafting attempt. Early on, the failure rate will be quite low. When you attempt to craft this option, the output will be the same as the “Easy” option, a Common Card pack. But the XP per attempt will be a range between 1 and n. There is also the possibility of a variable crit XP roll whereby you get 100% of the possible XP for that roll. Crit rate is variable in that it changes tied to the level of your BoS.

This option will be used to expedite the climbing of levels. Ironically, failing is a desirable outcome if you plan to reach the highest levels at the fastest pace. To assist in your planned failure, we are going to allow you to spend 100 BRWL per attempt to greatly increase your chances of failing. The more you level up your BRAWL-O-SEUM by getting XP, the more effective the “BRWL to Fail” option becomes.

Why Do You Want to Climb Levels?

It’s simple. The higher you go and the sooner you get there, there will be packs with varied content waiting for you. The “Hard” crafting option was built for our players that crave any risk/reward tension. When you successfully craft a pack along the “Hard” path, this option will produce content that could include a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary card depending on what level your BoS is. Successfully crafting a pack won’t be easy, as the success rate will only be 10%. But don’t worry, you will be able to spend up to three (3) gold bars to increase your chances of success.

The success rates per bar of gold are as follows:

1 gold bar = 27% success rate

2 gold bars = 57% success rate

3 gold bars = 89% success rate

It’s Time to Level Up Your BRAWL-O-SEUM!

The first time you will see a Legendary card as a possibility is on level 480. You can craft a pack that has an Uncommon card chance at BoS Level 25 (which is where Diamond owners will be at the end of Day 1). You can craft a pack that has a Rare card chance at BoS Level 75. You can craft a pack that has an Epic card chance at BoS Level 275.

We believe that with no BRWL used to expedite progress at the end of month one, Diamond owners should be able to reach level 235. Diamond players should reach level 500 by day 100. To reach level 1000, it will take closer to a year.

When it comes to Platinum owners, we believe with no BRWL used to expedite progress at the end of month one, they should be able to reach level 125. Platinum owners should reach level 270 by day 100. To reach level 1000, it will take well over a year.

And to be clear, independent of which version of the BoS you own to get from level 900 (where Legendary cards are found in variance packs crafted via the “Hard” option 9% of the time) to level 1000 where they are present 20% of the time, is a steep, steep climb. These last 100 levels can be a grind relative to the pace at which you have leveled up your asset previously.

Download the detailed crafting game design sheet here.

Innovative Storytelling and An Unforgettable Journey

We wanted to take you on a journey while leveling up your BRAWL-O-SEUM to give you story-like experiences organized around the successful achievement of goals. We wanted to do some genuinely cool stuff with this crafting game as a storytelling medium.

And guess what? Throughout this story, you are all part of the narrative. Our hope is that you enjoy the story with all of its twists and turns and unpredictable outcomes.

You are the protagonists and we want you guys to deliver a “happily ever after” for all players known and unknown at this time. The power of authorship is ultimately for you, the player, to seize for him or herself. Ultimately, we want you to tell your own story.

Stay tuned for more. Big things are coming your way!

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11, Aug 2022