Why the Blockchain Brawlers Limited Use Game Piece Model Will Fuel Its Economy

In the world of gaming, one thing we know to be true is that persistent tradable items (such as tools, gear, resources, etc.) are increasingly crashing game economies… way more than we’d all like to admit.

Play-to-earn (P2E) games develop them with amazing intention, but you soon find out that tools with an unlimited lifespan decrease in value over time. More specifically, as audience numbers rise and the availability to craft these items goes up, their value will drop if demand decreases and it always does.

This is why at WAX we believe in limited use game pieces, as will be employed in Blockchain Brawlers. We believe that this use case will be a good thing for our players, allowing us to have control over inventory levels in secondary markets.

The big idea is that Brawlers will live forever, but the rings they brawl in and gear they utilize will not. They will have limited uses, and upon exhaustion, players will need to refill them with like items.

Let’s use rings as an example — the current total of ring uses is 350 per slot at each rarity level. Common rings with one slot get 350 total uses, rare rings have four slots and thus a pool of 1400 total uses. And Legendary rings get eight slots and a total of 2,800 uses before they need to be refilled.

This then begs the question, how do you refill them?


Players craft or buy the exact same rarity of ring and its number of uses will grow in number. You can also add these uses any time, as there is no cap to the number of uses it can hold.

To make the concept super easy to understand, say you have 100 uses left on a common ring, and you add another common ring to the mix, there will now be 450 total uses left.

One match played = one use.

Why Limited Use items Are the Answer

Limited use items create sync for currencies and also build demand in secondary markets that present tremendous value for players over time.

For Blockchain Brawlers, we have set the limit on gear to 250 uses regardless of rarity. This setup follows the same exact refill formulas. Gear is very powerful when it comes to all earnings multipliers and optimizing yield.

Both rings and gear can be crafted and sold or created and utilized at all rarity levels.

Additionally, crafting recipes and uses can easily be adjusted to account for inflation and deflation, which will be tied to supply and demand.

Last Words

Following the release of Blockchain Brawlers in March, we’ll have a transparent look into how game mechanics are impacting the game’s economy. Stay tuned!

If you’re new to Blockchain Brawlers and want to learn more visit https://bcbrawlers.com and join our Discord group here.

08, Feb 2022