WAX NFTs: For the People, By the People

Accessibility, affordability and our green mission

We all know that buying NFTs can sometimes be both a challenging experience and an expensive one. However, WAX does everything differently.

WAX provides you with the most user-friendly, cost-effective and fun experience in the industry.

We aren’t the number one used and transacted blockchain in the world for nothing!

It all boils down to one thing — we made WAX with you in mind, and we are continually seeking ways to improve so that you can collect all the NFTs that make your heart sing (and make your friends steam with jealousy).

So, what makes WAX so incredible?

We start it off with an intuitive, dummy-proof wallet creation.

Create a new login or use an existing social media account to get started. In less than 30 seconds, you can be logged in and ready to dive into the wonderful world of WAX.

From here, the real fun begins.

New Releases and Primary Sales

Did you see an NFT collection that you just can’t live without? Well, good news — we make this easy, too!

Visit the coordinated sale site when the collection goes live (we’ll give you plenty of warning ahead of time) and simply put in your credit card information, just like any other online purchase.

WAX Partners

If you missed out or didn’t quite get your fill, you can always pop over to the secondary marketplaces to continue purchasing and fill in the gaps of your collection — however, this will require WAXP. You can see more on how to get this here.

What Makes WAX So Affordable, Then?

The answer is simple — WAX would rather sell 1 million NFTs for $1 than 1 NFT for $1 million.

When we said we built this platform for you, we were serious. Accessibility and affordability are amongst our top priorities.

Not to mention, we operate on a Proof of Stake (PoS) system. Really, what this means is that you don’t have to worry about outrageous gas fees and additional charges when you make your purchases — either for primary sales or on secondary markets.

Green and Going Greener

All while we aim to make WAX the best it can be, we are also ensuring that our blockchain is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our PoS system not only allows us to remain less expensive than our competitors, it also means that we use only a fraction of the energy required to process transactions and maintain our blockchain — as opposed to that of a Proof of Work (PoW) system that gobbles up energy left and right.

Additionally, as per our recent Carbon Offset vIRL® NFTs (go get some, they’re awesome), you can now easily and positively impact the environment.

For every $1 composted (redeemed), a tree is planted that will offset approximately 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifespan.

Oh, and did we mention that we’re 125,000x more energy efficient than our biggest competitors, and have officially been certified by ClimateCare as completely carbon Neutral?

Yea, we did that.

In Short…

WAX provides the easiest wallet to create and use while remaining affordable AND green. Now that’s pretty awesome.

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27, Oct 2021