“The Greatest” Muhammad Ali Comes to WAX to Benefit Charity “Boxing Futures”

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Originally published on 07/04/2021 on wax-io.medium.com

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Powerhouse boxing legend Muhammad Ali lives on with never-before-seen photographs turned NFTs on the WAX blockchain by renowned photographer Christina Jansen.

Muhammad Ali. This great name resounds and echoes throughout time as we remember the athletic genius and unbreakable soul of the pro boxer and political activist.

His iconic 21-year professional career was unconventional and incredible for the world to watch. He was an Olympic gold medalist, accumulated 56 victories, and was the first boxer in history to claim the heavyweight championship belt three times.

Following his passing in 2016, Ali’s life and love for mentoring others is captured as photographer Christina Jansen reveals intimate, never-before-seen photographs of Ali for fans to collect and enjoy as NFTs on the WAX Blockchain.

Christina Jansen, Muhammad Ali and a Stroke of Fate

“One day I got a phone call,” said Jansen. “Can you shoot this commercial?”

That single question led Jansen to a fateful adventure that would forever change her destiny.

“When I arrived at Fulham Studios I found Muhammad Ali making a commercial for a powdered milk drink… he treated everyone with respect and was curious about them. It enabled me to get some warm, intimate photographs. I had a huge admiration for him and felt very protective because he was already suffering from Parkinson’s back in 1986.”

This story sets the tone for Jansen’s artistic life. She has a knack for capturing vivid emotions and moments with her subjects. Since her brush with Ali, she’s gone on to photograph celebrities, athletes and fashion icons.

“I hid my photographs of him (Ali) — bar one — for 20 years until a girl in a gym in St. John’s Wood asked if I had more pictures of the man and encouraged me to show them… I realized that I could possibly raise money for charities.”

In her very first WAX collection, Jansen is offering the proceeds of an extremely special pack featuring a single, ultra-rare Muhamad Ali NFT photograph. All proceeds of the sale of the pack benefit Boxing Futures (read more for full details).

When You Can Buy?

It all starts on August 10, 2021 at 1 pm EST. WAX, partnered with dMerch, and world-renowned photographer, Christina Jansen, is bringing the exciting Muhammad Ali Series 1 NFT collection to WAX. Click here to claim yours and start unboxing at 4 pm EST.

What’s in Each Pack?

The Muhammad Ali Series 1 NFT collection contains 136 unique digital collectables, all showcasing the vibrant personality of Ali himself.

You can find the intimate photos of this boxing superstar in six (6) ring-worthy rarities, including:

  • Classic
  • Negative
  • Gallery
  • Photographer
  • Championship
  • Behind the scenes

If you get lucky and receive a championship card, you get automatically thrown into a randomized drawing for a chance to claim one (1) of (3) unique physical prints.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Choose from 3 Pack Sizes

  • Classic Packs containing 5 NFTs for $19.99
  • Photographer Packs containing 25 NFTs for $49.99

And for something a little different…

  • Boxing Futures containing 1 NFT for $9.99

The Boxing Futures Pack only supplies one specific NFT — a portion of the proceeds go to Boxing Futures, a charity that helps disadvantaged younger generations to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through teaching non-contact boxing.

There are only 5,000 Classic Packs, 3,000 Photographer Packs, and 1,000 Boxing Futures Packs available, so be quick on your feet and strike fast!

Join Us for a Stress Test

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