Sci-Fi Art Anthology Brings Bold Artwork as a vIRL® NFT to Auction on WAX

Nostalgia and wonder strike hard and fast with Sci-Fi Anthology’s 60-year lineup of retro art derived from some of the greatest classic Sci-Fi books, movies, magazines and radio shows throughout history.

Now is your chance to own an ultra-rare 1-of-1 NFT and a one-of-a-kind fine art print when the Sci-Fi Art Anthology brings a stunning auction to WAX on December 8, 2021.

Own A Piece of Art History

The Sci-Fi Art Anthology collection kicks off with an ultra-rare 1-of-1 entitled “A Story of Days to Come” via a vIRL NFT WAX Digital Auction. The piece was originally from H.G. Wells’ All Seeing Eye Amazing Stories published in April 1929.

Within the piece, the famed author predicts what the future may look like, including the first-ever idealistic glimpse of moving sidewalks — “people movers,” as he liked to call them. Wildly enough, many of his off-the-wall ideas came to fruition.

Bringing the futuristic scene to life, Artist Frank R. Paul brilliantly illustrated “A Story of Days to Come.” The image bursts with pigment, displaying a set of staircases descending into the subterranean transports, while a glass-screen advertisement projected on the side of an office building illustrates the latest in women’s fashion.

In the 2000s, this iconic artwork was brought back to life by a team of digital artists after being commissioned from the famed “Ackerman Collection” (curated between 1910 and 1970). It’s a piece of art history you don’t want to miss out on.

This is only the beginning, keep your eyes peeled for more auctions to come!

How to Buy

It starts tomorrow at 1 pm ET when you’ll have a chance to bid on the ultra-rare 1-of-1 vIRL NFT “A Story of Days to Come” via WAX Digital Auctions.

Bidding starts at the WAXP equivalent of $1,500 and goes up in 10% increments. The auction will be available for 7 days.

If you want to participate, make sure to have your WAX Cloud Wallet ready to roll.

Museum Grade Print for the Home

If you’re lucky enough to get your virtual hands on a Sci-Fi Art Anthology 1-of-1 vIRL NFT, you will have the opportunity to redeem it for a gorgeous, museum-grade physical print of your collectible.

This particular print is not available anywhere else in the world, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The print measures at 19×24 inches and is sure to be a stunning centerpiece to any room.

WAX Is Committed to a Greener Future

Purchasing NFTs on WAX and its associated marketplaces ensures a green future for the blockchain. Officially certified as carbon-neutral, WAX provides fans with the collectibles they desire while offering the chance for partners and artists to flourish and supply valuable treasures for years to come. Visit for more info.

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07, Dec 2021