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WAX Partners with Funimation and Harmony Gold to Bring Anime NFTs to the Blockchain

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Originally published on 05/13/2021 on

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Anime has proven to be a massive staple in the entertainment industry. The world has been inundated with incredible shows and timeless mangas that many people have enjoyed; the colorful characters and intense scenes have drawn enthusiasts in for decades. Now with the blockchain quickly evolving and expanding its horizons, it is anime’s time to step into the NFT spotlight. With no further ado, Funimation, the market leader in anime serving fans worldwide, and Harmony Gold are bringing Robotech Series 1 collectibles to the WAX Blockchain.

Robotech first came to the public in 1985 as an exciting adventure. The story follows a set of characters from 3 generations that are desperate to protect the earth from a variety of different alien hosts hell-bent on destroying the planet and harvesting its resources. This legendary series certainly deserves an equally legendary release.

What can fans collect?

Sony’s Funimation will be debuting their first-ever set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on May 20, 2021, at 1 pm EST on the WAX Blockchain. There are a total of 318 unique cards that will be available in 5 stunning rarities.

  • Build
  • Base
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

This collection boasts an exciting crafting system. Collectors will open packs to receive build cards. When 2 matching build cards are combined, they create the final NFT in 1 of 4 rarities. Similarly to Capcom’s Street Fighter, the final NFTs will represent a power level, starting with 1. Users can add additional matching build cards to increase the power level up to 5. Collectors will also have the chance at receiving a rare gold card that will display real, action-packed footage from the show. As an added twist, fully upgraded collectibles will generate a special class card in 1 of 3 rarities. Similar to the standard cards, these class cards will also display power levels and can be upgraded via their own build cards. The fun never ends in the Robotech universe; follow the leaderboards and see who gains the most points for crafting finalized NFTs.

There are 2 pack sizes available for purchase:

  • Standard pack of 10 NFTs — $9.99
  • Mecha pack of 60 NFTs — $49.99

The sale will last for 24 hours. Customers can purchase these packs with a credit card and enjoy them immediately in their WAX Cloud Wallet. Stock up and begin your Robotech adventure!

Once your NFT packs have been purchased, head over to and open them at 4 pm EST the next day. Should you choose to do so, you can easily trade any unopened packs or individual cards to anyone with a WAX wallet, sell them on the secondary NFT marketplace, trade them or simply show them off on social media to all of your friends.

Get unique NFTs from this collection by joining and participating in the stress test on May 19, 2021 at 1 pm EST, the day before the official launch. Help smooth out the mechanisms and hammer out any flaws in the servers to ensure a smooth release; enjoy special promotional collectibles as a thank you from WAX to you. Unbox your special edition stress test NFT at 4 pm EST.

Don’t worry, there is no hurry to open your packs! All Sony Funimation Robotech cards are pre-minted in the packs. This benefit allows collectors to have a chance at receiving lower mints, regardless of when the packs are opened. Open your packs at your pace; either immediately or one year from now, the odds of receiving a lower mint never diminishes. This also increases the value of unopened packs over time due to the possibility of them containing one of these lower mints. Even 10 years from now, unopened packs will continue to hold their value — and then some!

Various past NFTs have resold for above $87,000 with the use of WAX-powered marketplaces and dApps. Following multiple successful releases on the WAX Blockchain, the Sony Funimation x Robotech NFT collection has the opportunity to hold, or even increase its value on the secondary market.

The WAX model was designed to be extremely energy efficient to minimize its carbon emissions. Using only a fraction of the energy as Ethereum and Bitcoin, WAX uses no more energy per transaction than a regular online purchase; even less if you include shipping.

Join WAX in officially welcoming this action-packed series to the blockchain. Get ready to start collecting, crafting, and competing for points!

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