Quidd Brings Digital Collectibles to Mainstream

Whether you’re knee-deep in the NFT community or you are just getting your footing for collecting items digitally, Quidd is a top-tier experience.

This off-chain marketplace offers an abundance of incredible collections to view, purchase, trade and sell while giving creators their chance to take the spotlight — all with built-in gamification and blockchain integration.

Ready, set, collect!

What Is Quidd?

Quidd is among the original online marketplaces to pioneer the way for digital collectibles.

Since its launch in 2016, it has seen hundreds, even thousands of brands joining in on the fun — including but not limited to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Game of Thrones and more. Recent years have even seen more individual artists stepping up their game, as well as some widely known blockchain brands creating on the platform.

There’s a reason that the company boasts over 8 million users with roughly 600 million transactions!

Sam Barberie, VP of Content for Quidd notes, “Quidd has the pedigree of understanding the space from before NFTs existed. It’s been around since 2016 when the only thing you would buy were really awesome, limited-edition digital collectibles.”

As time marches on, the technology only gets better. Now, it possesses the capabilities for both on-chain and off-chain performance, making it the prime entry point for those dipping their toes into the crypto-waters, while still supporting and supplying desirable collectibles to users who are already stacking up NFTs.

“Now, thanks to NFT technology and blockchain, [we are able] to be the on-ramp for people collecting their first NFTs through things that they already know and love, as well as new worlds that excite them,” says Barberie.

It’s a lot less intimidating than jumping head-first into blockchain — and you can do it on your own time. Your collectibles aren’t going anywhere, so port them over when you’re ready — or don’t! Quidd merely supplies the entry point for you to collect your way.

Getting Started

Getting started is as simple as could be. All you need is to create an account on the desktop website or the mobile version via Facebook, email, Google, Apple or Metamask.

Once your account has been created, you are free to begin purchasing with a credit card. This provides a seamless, fast and functional way to buy your first pieces.

A Heavy Focus on the Collecting Experience

Quidd focuses heavily on the collecting experience, not just the act of buying your asset.

“In developing the marketplace, it was not only [important to look at] ‘how do we create a collection that’s compelling,’ but also ‘how do we make a collecting experience across different IP that’s compelling?’” says Barberie. “If you think of NFT collections these days, they’re little microcosms unto themselves… there’s no cohesive approach to that as a collector, or as a fan of different communities and brands.”

He continues, “With Quidd, we wanted to make sure that all of these collections live generally in one location in an understandable way, but to also make the collecting experience gamified. Not only am I collecting something that I love — there are also collection-specific experiences that award and incentivize by buying, holding and selling different collectibles.”

Metagames take Quidd to the next level. This gamification reaches everywhere from earning rewards for completionism, to leaderboard rankings and more.

We’re talking about continued relevance for the collections you love — you can enjoy owning the asset while also reaping benefits and rewards from collecting them.

Some of these rewards can even allow early access or discounts for sales down the road, or QUIDD, the site’s native currency. QUIDD is especially nice to have since you can use it to cover transaction gas fees, use for gain early access for drops and more.

If you want more tokens, you can visit exchanges such as MEXC, or earn through staking rewards.

*QUIDD is not currently integrated directly into the marketplace, although this feature should be coming in the future.

Having these kinds of rewards and features ultimately takes a lot of pressure away from the creator since they don’t have to have a solidified roadmap for what the future may hold.

Rather, Quidd takes the lead and designs the metagames for the collections, which in turn helps to maintain community engagement and enjoyment in the things they’ve purchased.

That means that creators can do what they love most — creating — without having to worry about what comes after.

Overall, this inspires a very healthy and sustainable ecosystem that only gets better with time.

Bring It to the Block

Blockchain integration is just as important as everything else, given that a large chunk of the collectors has an insatiable appetite for NFTs.

If you fall into the crypto-enthusiast category, you’re probably wondering how to move your digital assets over to your favored chain. If the item you wish to move displays the “mintable” icon, you’re all set to go.

With the click of a button, your collectible will be ported over to the chain of your choosing (as long as it is currently supported by Quidd), including WAX!

It’s really that simple. Not to mention, fast and reliable.

At this time, not all collections are mintable, but Quidd is hard at work to increase the number of compatible assets for this purpose.

This provides an essential bridge between mainstream users and the blockchain community to help bring everyone together in a new and powerful way.

Creating for Quidd

If you have a collection that you think would jibe well with the Quidd community, you can reach out to Sam Barberie via samb@myquidd.com.

There, the team will carefully vet your project to check for authenticity, discuss your goals and vision for your work and ultimately decide if it’s a good fit.

The Quidd team focuses heavily on authenticity and transparency — it is imperative to make sure that everything sold on the market is of a certain quality and to make sure that both sides want the same thing.

Overall, Quidd is a melting pot of highly sought-after brands, unique creators and a truly unforgettable experience.

Get started today and join the community Discord!

17, May 2022