Voice Platform to Make It Easier Than Ever for Creators to Mint and Share NFTs

Discover why the WAX Blockchain is first on Voice’s multichain roadmap.

NFTs are ushering in a new creator economy and unlocking opportunities for artists to build communities interested in supporting their work.

Since day one, Voice has been on a mission to empower emerging creators to leverage NFTs and level the playing field in the world of blockchain. More specifically, Voice has innovated their platform with a creator-first approach and seamless user experience to make it easier than ever to buy, sell and trade NFTs. By doing this, they’re bridging the gap between Web2 to Web3.

Voice’s beta launch has been so compelling that thousands of creators are already creating on the intuitive platform and offering their communities beautiful art and inspiring new forms of collaboration and engagement.

When we recently caught up with Sean Rolland (Voice’s VP of Product and Design), we asked him what their seed of success has been so far: “Launching a beta with creators top of mind versus a platform where artists see very little return for their work.”

Voice Only Wins When Creators Win

You might be wondering what makes Voice one of the simplest and most intuitive launchpads for creating, buying and selling NFTs.

Much of it has to do with the fact that the platform works to make sure creators and their fans aren’t encumbered by the complexities that have traditionally come with blockchain.

Let us break it down for you in the simplest way possible:

  • Voice is a crypto-optional platform = No knowledge required to get started.
  • Zero gas fees = Anyone can mint NFTs for free.
  • Carbon neutral platform = Always environmentally friendly.
  • Seamless transactions = Buyers can purchase NFTs using credit cards.
  • Know your customer identity verification = Incentivizes good behavior.

Voice has moved away from the type of business model that exploits artists’ NFTs for personal gain. Instead, it ensures that creators and their works are at the forefront of the platform’s success.

Artist Shan Vincent de Paul

“Voice literally only wins after our creators have won,” Rolland explains. “That’s the paradigm shift that Web3 brings. Many other NFT players are all about projects and speculation. We’ll always be creator-first. We want creators to be discovered… to support them and let their stories shine.”

A Medium for Creation and Community Interaction

The power of community is undeniable and a vital and exemplary aspect of all NFT projects. The word “community” comes up again and again when we talk to artists and collectors passionate about NFTs.

In some ways, the idea of community is baked into the blockchain. It’s like the secret sauce to success.

Voice has directly exposed creators to other artists and collectors in new, unique and meaningful ways which would never have been possible otherwise. Discussions between emerging and established artists and their community are happening organically.

“There’s long-term value of where these direct relationships between a creator and their community can go, not just for the platform, but for the artists themselves,” explains Rolland. “Voice is a medium for creation and community interaction, which is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s crucial for the ecosystem.”

When Voice creators start talking to each other and finding ways to bring their own existing brand communities together, especially on Discord, brand-new collaborations are launched. A new wave of connections and cross-promotion is formed between creators and fans in a way that’s incredibly supportive.

For example, recording artist and director Shan Vincent de Paul has already developed an intriguing business and community model that his fans are loving. He created NFTs for his day one fans and sold 100 editions for $1 each. Lucky owners of this NFT will have free entry into any of his headlining shows for life.

Yalpanam by Shan Vincent de Paul

Another use case surrounds TikTok influencers. A growing number of them are creating on Voice and then inspiring their followers to collect either NFTs that they’ve created or to support other artists. They are also facilitating airdrops to their communities with creative surprises in an effort to develop long-lasting reciprocal relationships.

Why the VoiceNFT™ Residency Program Matters

Voice is pushing its mission a step further by launching the VoiceNFT™ Residency program. It is dedicated to supporting creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

These creators are eager to explore unique models with NFTs to generate bespoke projects. Many of them are first movers in the space, and Voice is all-in when it comes to helping them achieve their creative goals.

If this is something that appeals to you or anyone you know, applications for season two of the Voice NFT Residency are now open.

By bringing more people into the space, the hope is to foster community and introduce a whole new world of creative minds to the power of blockchain.

Bringing a Multichain Strategy to the Non-Fungible World

Voice’s multichain approach delivers on the platform’s mission to ensure NFTs are easily accessible and eco-friendly. This bridging capability will ensure that NFTs can be showcased on multiple marketplaces and not tied to a single chain. With just a few clicks, users will have the ability to send their NFTs to a different chain or wallet, such as the WAX Cloud Wallet, and transact on that chain as if that NFT was minted there.

“Silos are never good in this space,” adds Rolland. “We aim to bring that cross-chain aspect that exists big time in the fungible world to the non-fungible world. The point of the technology is for these open network databases to all communicate with each other so that assets can move freely and so that ownership is your own.”

Voice wants to make sure that it’s open and accessible to not only the creators, but to the NFT collectors who support them. The platform’s strategy is to support as many chains as possible where creators, NFT owners and their communities can take these NFTs into whatever ecosystem or chain they want to expand the web of access.

Serving as a bridge to Web3, what Voice intends to accomplish with their blockchain strategy reaches beyond just multichain.

Why the WAX Blockchain Is First on Voice’s Roadmap

“WAX was an easy first choice for us. It’s a very active chain and a robust marketplace, while sticking right along with the narrative we deeply believe in,” said Rolland.

“We are built on the EOSIO based protocol and so is WAX, which makes it a lot easier to have that interaction and to accomplish things that no one else is really doing in the industry. Beyond the fact that it’s environmentally friendly and provides creators with the royalties they were promised, there needs to be activity, users and a marketplace — WAX crushes all of those.”

NFTs for Everyone — Coming to the WAX Ecosystem

Voice is seeing healthy platform adoption by creators and their communities, but you can expect much more to come. “It’s a tangible digital future everyone has been imagining,” adds Rolland.

By the end of this month, Voice NFTs will be exportable to WAX. You can choose to hold them in your WAX Cloud Wallet, sell them on AtomicHub or any of the other WAX marketplaces.

Interested? Here’s how you get started:

  1. Create an account on Voice.com.
  2. Explore NFTs and discover an artist or creator you like.
  3. Purchase an NFT with your credit card or USDC.
  4. Connect your WAX Cloud Wallet. Haven’t created one yet? Set up yours now.
  5. Export your NFT to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

You can use a credit or debit card to purchase NFTs. Once you withdraw, then you’ll start utilizing WAXP to conduct transactions and export your NFT to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

What’s next for Voice x WAX community members? Join an AMA on Discord with representatives from both leadership teams on March 11 to learn more.

10, Mar 2022