Green Rabbit Steps Up P2E Gaming on WAX

Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming has seen an impressive uptick recently on WAX, and we’re confident that Green Rabbit is here to take it to the next level.

In the cyber city of Nanotopia, organic beings and high-tech machines have learned to not only coexist but to thrive within their perfect utopia.

Now, it’s your turn to experience a game like none other, where you can socialize, earn rewards, compete in races and so much more on the WAX Blockchain.

What Is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is a play-to-earn, 2D, 3D and Web3 integrated multi-activity metaverse on WAX.

It’s chock-full of exciting and entertaining content that is promised to get better with time. We’re talking about an open-world type social hub where you can make new friends, race against your peers, craft unique Armor and NFTs and more.

The best part, they’re just getting started. Co-founder of Green Rabbit, widely recognized in the community as nVen0m, states “If you were to take Alien Worlds, R-Planet and all of these other staking games and mix them together, you still wouldn’t have the versatility of what Green Rabbit has built.”

Not only does the game offer multitudes of fun activities, the team also has a very specific goal in mind — to bridge the gap between gamers and the world of blockchain.

In the long-term view, we’re talking about cross-platform gameplay spanning from computers to consoles and even a mobile app, so you can play however and whenever you want — while still being secure through the blockchain.

We hope to see this dream become a reality, although the game still has plenty to offer in its current state.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to dive into your first Green Rabbit experience, you will want to head over to the 3D site, where you’ll have two options: (1) Continue as a guest or (2) Create an account by linking your WAX Cloud Wallet.

If you choose to continue as a guest, you’ll have access to everything in the game that is not P2E, so you can still roam about the social hub, race and feel things out.

However, if you want the full experience, you’ll want to connect your wallet. This will let you change your name to whatever you desire and participate in all activities — we suggest picking up at least one Flash Drive NFT on the secondary market so you can also start staking.

Staking earns you Shellenium (the game’s native currency). The good news is that Green Rabbit functions on a non-custodial staking system (and was the first to do so), which means that they do not take control of your assets, but rather use smart contracts which allow your NFTs to remain in your wallet.

Now you’ve got the basics and are ready to start exploring the vast and exciting world of the game, both on the 2D site and the 3D universe.

You can send out your NFTs on missions called Foraging, start crafting, play some mini-games or hit the social hub to chat it up.

A Social Society

The social hub is the beating heart of Green Rabbit, where players assume the form of their 3D avatar and freely roam about the city. If you are rocking the free-to-play version of the game and have not connected your WAX Cloud Wallet, you will be assigned a generic avatar and a randomized temporary name.

However, if you have connected your wallet, the game tag you’ve chosen will appear above your avatar instead and you will have access to different customizations to help you stand out from the crowd.

Within the social hub, up to 1,000 players can be in the instance at any given time with enabled proximity chat.

You never know what shenanigans you’ll run into — but don’t worry, the mods are watching and they’ll get you with the ban hammer (yes, a literal hammer) if you step out of line. Remember to always be courteous and kind!

As you explore this hub, you’ll start to uncover more things to do — like hidden jumping puzzles that give you an extraordinary view of the city, or even GM prompted mini-games.

Plus, you’ll automatically be assigned a free apartment to hang out in. The free version doesn’t allow you to bring any friends around, although if you upgrade via NFT, you can start to hone your decorating skills and customize your place to show off to all your buddies.

The apartments can be owned in Small, Medium, Large and Penthouse varieties through pack sales or the secondary market. If you own any of these sizes, not only can your friends join you for a party — in future updates, you will also be able to stream TV shows and music from some of your favorite applications, such as Twitch, YouTube and Dash Radio. Throw a rager or cozy up to a good movie… the choice is yours.

As an added bonus, you do have the ability to have pets follow you around — but the size of your pet depends on the size of your apartment. If you see a massive, mechanical griffin tracking behind a player, it’s pretty safe to say they’ve got the Penthouse. It’s just another way to flex your stuff, cause who doesn’t love doing that?

The social hub also offers robust practicality and utility in many scenarios. We’re talking about live events inside the game, like concerts or conventions.

In fact, two widely recognized musicians, are already booked for live concerts in the hub, so you’ll be able to get together with your friends, crack open a cold one and enjoy phenomenal music together.

It’s not just superstars that are earning a spot in the Green Rabbit universe, either.

“What I envision Green Rabbit becoming, at its core, is a social space and metaverse that becomes a virtual space for WAX,” said nVen0m. “We’re going to lease the buildings out to WAX creators [so that] their fans can get access to a virtual world.”

Not only does this provide an easy and accessible way for outside creators to bring their project to life in a 3D world — it also gives them the tools they need to make it happen, especially if they don’t have the utility to do it on their own.

Green Rabbit isn’t just about Green Rabbit. It’s about building community and growing together — and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rev Up for A Race

Now that you’ve made some friends and are ready to kick things into high gear. If you’re down for a little bit of friendly competition, you should head over to the race track where you can show off your stuff and try to take the gold.

You’ll need to sharpen your skills for this — this is unlike your standard racing game. In order to keep things fresh, fun and interesting, the tracks are created of several tiles. Every time you enter the track, these tiles will be in different orientations and orders.

What this means is that you’ll never race the same track twice, which cuts down on botting and keeps things interesting. Plus, because of its design, the devs can easily add new tiles to keep the activity from growing stale.

Racing is currently 100% free-to-play, although there are no rewards associated with it. In time, a competitive mode will be introduced where you will have a shot at earning loot for landing the first place title.

To take part in the ranked system, you will need a full set of crafted Anima Armor. Not only does it look awesome — it gives you additional stats and an edge over the competition!

Armor and Crafting

Anima Armor is what makes you stand out from the crowd — both in ability and appearance. Just like you, no two sets of armor will ever be the same.

Crafting Armor is not for the faint of heart, as it is a lengthy process, though a rewarding one. You will need to have an inventory full of all the resources the game has to offer, plus a pinch of luck.

Armor qualities can be found in Poor, Good, Fine and Exquisite, and the statistics assigned at the time of the Green Print minting are completely random. Of course, the goal is to land an Exquisite, as it will give you the best possible stat set up to help you on your Green Rabbit journey.

Not only can these sets be used in racing, but also in other modes coming down the pipeline, such as Battle Royale. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for updates, we imagine it will be a blast!

Learn more about how to craft your very own set here.

Tokens Through Teamwork

Maybe you’re a gamer with quick reflexes and tons of skill, or maybe you just prefer to enjoy the calmer side of things and collect goodies. Either way, Green Rabbit has made it so that you can make the most of your experience.

Future updates will bring about Tournament Mode, so keep an eye out for upcoming news. If you have a set of armor, but don’t feel confident setting foot on the race track, you will have the option to request another player with more skill to take your suit for a run and compete in your stead. Don’t worry, your NFTs are completely safe — no trades will be made as everything is conducted through the game (not the blockchain), so your assets never leave your wallet.

You will even have the option to choose the percentage of winnings that go to the player who is racing (or doing other activities) for you. It’s a wonderful, mutually beneficial mechanic that allows players who don’t have suits to enjoy using one while making some side rewards — plus, the player that owns the armor, but isn’t very skilled on the gaming side, can sit back and let someone else take the reins.

This in and of itself opens up a whole world of possibilities to the player base and makes everything that much more accessible.

Live Event — Orbital Crate Drops

From now until May 14, 2022, (when the WAX Wallet portal goes live) a free-to-earn Orbital Crate Drop event is taking place, where you can run around the 3D metaverse and find crates that have fallen from the atmosphere.

These crates will contain a variety of goodies to help you on your journey, including in-game currencies and NFTs — and you don’t have to do anything but log in and enjoy!

Why WAX?

Choosing the appropriate blockchain to support your game is essential to creating the best experience possible. When asked ‘why choose WAX,” nVen0m was quick to reply:

“WAX is an underrated blockchain. Period. End of story. The capabilities that you have on WAX for NFT gaming and [how you do it] is what makes it hands down the best blockchain for gaming.”

We are proud to have such an outstanding game on WAX, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Green Rabbit.

Get started today, Nanotopians!

29, Apr 2022