If you own a Brawler and spend time and energy on our Discord, you’re not just a player, you’re a potential participant in Blockchain Brawlers’ living, breathing world.

Blockchain Brawlers gives its community real power to impact the future of the game. As a player and member of our Discord, you could be involved in shaping our Brawlerverse, and maybe even become a character in our weekly stories.

Starting this week, we will begin adding layers to the world, the angles and stories, and the characters that will be a part of our legend. Our team consists of a crack-shot group of writers, game producers, and YOU.

Read on for how YOU can be part of this process.

Why Are We Doing This?

If you own a Brawler and spend time and energy on our Discord, you’re not just a player, you’re a potential participant in Blockchain Brawlers’ living, breathing world AKA The BRAWLERVERSE. We intend to create this one-of-a-kind rich pro wrestling world and — for the first time ever in a game — make YOU as players the source of our inspiration. (Lookin’ at you #ScottyGang).

How We’ll Start

It’s (sort of) an interactive show… but you’ll ‘read’ it as blog posts and social media and Discord.

We want to create a steady flow of information. So we’re going to start posting directly from BRAWLERVERSE HQ! Think of it as your own personal wrestling dirt sheet, with story updates, shoutouts to some of your social media feeds, and more. While you — the players — battle in the ring — we’ll try to fill in what happens beyond it.

Get Involved! Join Our BRAWLERVERSE NOW!

Here’s how you are officially invited to participate in the process:

#1: Create your own BRAWLERVERSE content!

  • Social posts may become Brawlerverse reality! Create memes, social posts and more… just like #ScottyGang and others are already doing. If we post your content in our BRAWLERVERSE story Discord channel (coming soon), it becomes official Brawlerverse canon!
  • Give us your feedback and ideas. Chat in Discord — We’ll be watching for your ideas and comments … and will incorporate them into our Blockchain Brawlers’ angles and official content.

#2: Community Surveys Beta

  • In addition to taking matters into your own hands by posting content, a select number of players will be invited to participate in experimental surveys that will solicit feedback on multiple elements of the Brawlerverse itself. They may do everything from influencing which Brawlers are regularly featured, to names of cities and landmarks in the Brawlerverse, and more.
  • For our first survey, we’ll be inviting those at Level 10 or higher on our Discord. We intend to invite more players to participate in the future, either as more folks level up in Discord or by changing participation criteria.

#3: Character VIPs

  • In addition to surveys, a few community members will be invited to be part of our experiment, where we try adding select players as characters in our storylines.
  • Hand-picked by Blockchain Brawlers’ General Manager JustMike, they will be invited to submit bio information and may be included in actual storylines.
  • As we experiment with this program, more players may be invited and criteria may be changed to something besides “GM’s choice”.

What Happens Next?

The future is up to you. We’ve never tried this before, and we’ve never seen a game or show try to collaborate with its audience this way. In a perfect world, collaborative (dare we say ‘decentralized’?) world-building and storytelling become a rich part of Blockchain Brawlers. But obviously, it needs to be funmeaningful, efficient, and a whole lot more… So we are approaching this as a grand storytelling and world-building experiment. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Join us on Discord to join in the fun!

05, Apr 2022