Community Spotlight: How NFTHive Makes Collecting Better Than Ever

While collecting NFTs can be fun and entertaining, knowing where to look, what to buy and how to stay on top of the latest trends can feel like an overwhelming chore.

That’s where NFTHive steps in.

Thanks to NFTHive, long gone are the days of confusion and frustration that come with wondering what your collection is worth, how much you bought your NFTs in the beginning, which ones you should hold onto or sell and more.

The platform brings together the world’s greatest collections found within the WAX ecosystem in a seamless, simple and attractive way so that you can dive into the world of NFTs and add to your ever-growing collection with ease.

What is NFTHive?

The world of NFTs is vast — we’re talking about hundreds, even thousands of collections that are just waiting for you to peruse them. The biggest challenge is that finding the digital art that speaks to you can be like panning for gold, as you sift through the over-abundance of available collectibles.

Visionary and founder of NFTHive, Ben Petersen saw a need and provided a solution that went above and beyond the call of duty.

The platform takes a look at the WAX ecosystem as a whole and compiles every single collection into one spot for your viewing, buying, selling and trading pleasures.

“But that is far from the whole picture,” Petersen states. “We also built the most complex filtering system, so users can search through the entire history of WAX NFT sales and discover all existing NFTs on WAX.”

Filtering plays a necessary role in accessibility and adding to quality-of-life for users around the globe. NFTHive does it best, and it’s improving all the time. With the click of a button, you can search specific categories such as Play-to-Earn, Art, Collectibles, PFP, Games and more, so you only see what you want to.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and want to dip your toes into something new, pop over to the Home section where you can dive into Collections, see what’s happening in the Market and more.

And if you’re in the mood for something a bit more gamified, the staff at NFTHive is constantly reviewing and staying on top of the latest games — they’ll keep you updated on which games are trending and which have lost steam.

When you have a moment, also make sure to take a gander at the Collection section, where you can see a complete overview of all users, assets, market listings, auctions, sets, statistics and more for the set that you’re viewing.

Plus, if you’re needing to fill in any gaps, you can click over to the “Buy Top NFTs” tab, where each NFT is listed only once (to avoid clutter). If you select any of them, you’ll be shown the top five listings at the lowest prices, so you can be sure to get the biggest bang for your buck.

But the good times don’t stop here.

The Hive also offers curated collections, rankings for completed sets and management tools for your growing collection. And, you have the ability to put an offer out for an NFT by Template ID that anyone with that item can see and accept the bid.

“NFTHive is a WAX NFT multi-tool,” exclaims Petersen. And it really is!

Renting WAX CPU

Once you start adventuring on WAX, chances are you won’t be able to stop!

That is until you get the dreaded CPU error. But fret not, NFTHive has you covered with a fancy Rent system that will ease your mind and your wallet.

If you do wind up using your available CPU for transactions, you can head over to the Rent tab and deposit a set amount of WAXP for up to 200% back as staked CPU. This will last you somewhere between one and ten days, granting you the ability to continue transacting ‘till your heart’s content.

For example, one WAXP will allot 200 WAXP staked for 24 hours, giving you the capacity for roughly 50 to 100 transactions.

This is still wildly cheaper than any fees you might find on other blockchains, it’s fast and quite reliable — and honestly, NFTHive frequently boosts user transactions, meaning you likely won’t run into the CPU error at all.

Calling All Creators

Whether you are brand new to creating NFTs or a veteran, NFTHive is an excellent place to be.

The platform is currently implementing a brand-new NFT, Drops and Pack creator.

If you have a whitelisted collection already, you can opt-in to be whitelisted for these as well. This service is free of charge and features the capability to permit, whitelist, show proof of ownership and more.

Get ready to get crafty!

Why WAX?

When asked why NFTHive chose WAX as its blockchain of choice, we were met with Petersen’s enthusiasm.

“I believe WAX is the future of NFTs,” he states. “It’s the only blockchain that can handle a growing number of transactions while also keeping NFTs affordable. WAX will establish itself as a standard for digital assets that is far more useful and scalable than NFTs on Ethereum or any of the L2 chains that have been created to support it.”

Petersen continues, “Collectibles with packs and unpacking don’t work on other chains either, as [other] partners have experienced when they migrated to other chains… any great product developed on WAX has the potential to grow a larger audience.”

And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We are thrilled to be a part of the NFTHive experience, and if you haven’t checked it out, you most definitely should.

Get started here, and make sure to join the official TwitterDiscord and Telegram to stay on top of the latest news!

22, Jun 2022