Carbon Offset vIRL® NFT Collection Officially Launches on WAX Blockchain

WAX, a carbon-neutral blockchain, and the National Forest Foundation partner to fight CO2 emissions by introducing the world’s first fully tradable and “compostable” vIRL® NFT to create a greener future for all.

On Earth Day, we first shared our plans to release one-of-a-kind Carbon Offset vIRL® NFTs to help minimize humanity’s carbon footprint, while making the art of buying, selling, trading, and collecting eco-friendly NFTs more exciting than ever.

We’re excited to announce the time has come for Carbon Offset vIRLs® on the WAX blockchain! Thanks to our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, you now have the power to protect the environment, while collecting your favorite NFTs.

When you purchase Carbon Offset vIRLs®, a tree is planted for every dollar spent and composted (aka redeemed). This is an unlimited collection, so you can purchase and collect as many as you’d like. Most importantly, you have the power to play a direct role in the reforestation of the planet in the face of increased carbon emissions, global warming and the millions of trees lost to fire each year.

Collect, Trade, and ‘Compost’

On August 17 at 1 pm EST, you can breathe easier knowing you’re doing something amazing for the environment and humanity — collect all 30 beautifully rendered carbon offset vIRLs® in six (6) gorgeous rarities, including:

  • Natural
  • Ray of Light
  • Waking Up
  • Technicolor
  • Aurora
  • Alive

Each design has been carefully crafted, and it’s thrilling when they literally come to life.

At WAX, we believe in creating a unique and creative way for humans to interact with digital collectibles on the blockchain while driving home the irrefutable importance of healing the planet.

The only way for the industry to thrive is for us all to take responsibility together. This includes innovating smarter technologies, curbing emissions, and investing in plant life for clean, oxygen-rich air.

A Collectible with a Mission

Carbon Offset vIRLs® are far more than just collectibles, they’re actual tools that help negate carbon emissions.

As a collector, you have the power to decide when to “compost” (redeem) your vIRLs®.

When you do this, your card(s) are activated and cease to exist in your NFT collection. This notifies the National Forest Foundation to plant one (1) tree sapling for every $1 composted.

Each sapling negates approximately one (1) tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. If you were to “compost” a single $5 vIRL® NFT, roughly five (5) tonnes of carbon will be negated as the sapling grows and lives out its long life.

So, whether you take a flight across the world, drive across country, or crank up your AC more than you’d like to admit — Carbon Offset vIRLs® give you a meaningful and tangible way to dial back your carbon emissions throughout the year.

Click here to read more about WAX’s green mission. Also, here for more information on this fantastic release.

4 Packs to Choose From

WAX offers you several options to choose from to best fit your collecting and ‘composting’ needs. Check them out:

  • Get Planting — $19.99
    8 cards total: Five (5) $1 cards and three (3) $5 cards
  • Go Greener — $49.99
    12 cards total: Five (5) $1 cards, five (5) $5 cards, and two (2) $10 cards
  • Think Big — $149.99
    2 cards total = one (1) $50 card and one (1) $100 card
  • Save the Planet — $199.99
    18 cards total: Ten (10) $1 cards, four (4) $5 cards, two (2) $10 cards, one (1) $50 card, and one (1) $100 card

The price of each package reflects the total number of trees that have the potential to be planted if your vIRLs® are composted — each card is assigned its own value.

For example, if a $5 vIRL® is redeemed, five (5) trees will be planted in its place.

*Pack four (4) also gives collector’s a chance to receive the coveted 1 of 1 card, as well as a shot at one of each rarity!*

Once purchased, the packs can be traded, resold on the secondary market, or gifted to anyone with a WAX Cloud Wallet.

Unlock the Eco-Friendly Power of vIRLs®

Carbon Offset vIRLs® are digital NFTs with a tangible purpose. vIRL® stands for virtual + Real Life, which means that each NFT is digital until you choose to “compost” it (redeem it) for the real thing.

When you compost your Carbon Offset vIRLs®, a real tree sapling will be planted by the National Forest Foundation. When your NFTs are composted, they cease to exist and more packs can be bought any time you’d like.

Going Even Greener

WAX has already taken massive strides towards creating a greener blockchain. Unlike other major platforms, we operate on a Proof of Stake system that requires vastly less energy consumption than its Proof of Work counterpart.

We’ve offset over 211 tonnes of CO2 — and we’re not stopping there. In fact, our blockchain uses 125,000 times less energy per transaction than its nearest competitor.

Want more information? Get the nitty-gritty here.

Join WAX in its effort to help heal and protect our planet, and our home. Planet Earth is precious — let’s all do our share in ensuring a brighter future, one vIRL® NFT at a time.

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17, Aug 2021