bountyblok Reimagines Gamification on the Blockchain

Together, WAX and bountyblok continue to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation.

One of the most important assets for any business is user engagement. The second? Brand loyalty. But on top of prioritizing engagement and brand loyalty, businesses should be busy rewarding their customers for their continued support.

That’s exactly what bountyblok was built to do.

Launched in 2019 on the WAX Mainnet, bountyblok is a gamification platform proudly powered by EOSIO blockchain technology. It offers a suite of tools to businesses that seamlessly integrate game mechanics into 2,000+ web services and dApps, such as Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Slack, Twitch and more, to deepen their engagement with fans, followers and customers.

The platform’s gamification focus doesn’t rely on points, badges, or leaderboards to increase users’ activity on web or mobile apps. In fact, it’s something way cooler — bountyblok’s NFT Drop Tool rewards its customers with NFTs for completing certain tasks and challenges.

To date, the platform has helped hundreds of projects distribute millions of NFTs.

In a recent interview with Dimitri Nikolaros and Jan Bui, two of bountyblok’s co-founders, we discuss why blockchain is the perfect technology for gamification, which areas are ripe for development, the platform’s intuitive NFT Drop Tool, and how WAX and bountyblok’s willingness to continue pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation.

Why Blockchain Is the Perfect Tech for Gamification

The growing trend toward tokenization of activities, makes gamification on the blockchain a perfect approach for long-term engagement and loyalty.

You’ve probably come across the term “gamification” more than once, but do you really know what it means? Let us break it down for you: Gamification is the art of shaping behaviors with milestones. It’s the process of leveraging the essence of what makes games so fun and exciting and integrating them into non-game experiences to drive engagement.

It encourages users to take specific actions, like completing tasks and challenges, and then rewards and recognizes them for their participation. Tasks and challenges can take the form of engaging with a Tweet, completing type forms, logging-in to an app, signing up for a premium subscription, getting visitors to complete questionnaires or sending customers down every step of the purchasing journey… the list goes on and on.

In many cases, tasks take just a few seconds or minutes to complete.

“The most popular tasks and challenges are on Twitter. Our users can go on and promote something they care about and tell people to retweet, favorite, or follow them, and they’ll receive an NFT. And the thing is, people don’t want to miss out! It’s crazy. I’ve never seen this type of engagement before,” says Nikolaros.

In the end, gaming is all about having fun. And guess what? It works! Games make most everything better. Additionally, people love feeling a sense of accomplishment and control. With gamification, when they complete a challenge or a task, it feels like they’ve achieved something awesome. And of course, the best part? bountyblok’s NFT Drop Tool rewards them with a unique NFT.

All of this portrays a picture of a company that has been working hard to create value for users since day one.

bountyblok’s Intuitive NFT Drop Tool

A lot of traditional companies tend to give away prizes like free trips to Cancun or concert tickets and pick a few winners at random, but the hang-up with these kinds of prizes is they can’t just automatically be given away. Audits and verifications have to be done to ensure entrants actually completed the task.

On the other hand, the blockchain creates traceable, verifiable accomplishments, prevents dishonesty and creates unique gamification elements not possible with other software applications.

Instead of hiring expensive engineering resources to create and maintain an NFT infrastructure, you can use the bountyblok platform to streamline the process all in one place.

With more than 400 projects under its belt, bountyblok’s intuitive NFT Drop Tool allows users to mint NFTs on demand. Bountyblok has chosen to leverage the NFT standard AtomicAssets, due to its wide-spread adoption on the WAX Blockchain.

“This cutting-edge tool is an incredible way to engage users because you’re able to reward them in the tens of thousands in just a few clicks. This is not something you can easily do on blockchains other than WAX,” explains Nikolaros. “It allows us to complete up to 300 actions in one transaction. In other words, you can mint, in one transaction, up to 500 mints!”

For example, with bountyblok’s tool, users can log in with their wallet, connect Twitter, pick the promo and see in real time all the accounts that engaged with a particular Tweet. From there, the tool will pull up a list of all the participants — and in a matter of a few clicks, you can literally mint and gift 10,000 NFTs on demand. This saves teams when it comes to promoting user engagement.

With bountyblok’s innovative UI, developers and non-developers alike can easily achieve the following:

  • Mint NFTs On-Demand — Automatically generate NFTs when they are needed based on user interaction and promotional giveaway structures.
  • Send Packs or Custom NFTs — Recreate the nostalgia of opening a pack of trading cards by providing a pack built from specific contracts/tokens.
  • Sort Accounts and Assets by Minting Number — Build your NFT generation rate to reflect the rarity/collectability/uniqueness that you want.
  • Randomization — Provide users with a provably fair outcome based on’s atmospheric noise algorithms.
  • Blacklist Accounts — Need to block bad actors? Need to abide by certain regulations? Bountyblok has built-in tools to help.
  • Create Snapshots — Save time by saving account sets for future re-use.

Just how easy is it to create tasks and challenges? That’s what is so great about bountyblok’s distribution tool. You don’t actually need to be a developer or have a developer on your team to accomplish anything. Bountyblok follows Zapier’s type of step-by-step UX approach. It’s simple and intuitive.

You simply sign up, connect your wallet, social media accounts, pick your rules, pick your reward and select a new collection and template. Then, you click a button and distribute the NFTs and the tool will just literally mint on demand.

In just three clicks, you’re rewarding and engaging your users.

How WAX & bountyblok Are Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

When you combine WAX’s technology with bountyblok, it’s the perfect match. Previously, being able to interact with and reward tens of thousands of users at once was impossible.

According to Nikolaros, bountyblok chose to partner with WAX for many reasons, but these are hands down the “it” factors:

  1. Easy integration
  2. Straightforward to use
  3. No gas fees

“Over the past three years, bountyblok has generated millions of on-chain transactions ranging from educational stock trades to financial assignment tracking and NFT drops,” said co-founder Jan Bui. “We have aligned ourselves closely with the WAX development community at the grassroots level and together will continue to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation.”

Both sides are aligned on the main objective–opting for functionality and results over buzz for long-term impact.

The Future: Contest Creation and Scalability

Bountyblok has been killing it in terms of engagement, building brand awareness and getting people to really feel that FOMO when it comes to getting their hands on NFTs.

With blockchain adoption surging globally, what’s on the horizon for this market disruptor?

“We’re currently working on 400 projects — various brands, artists and games. Recently, we’re seeing more and more games using our tools. Every day we’re getting people requesting access to get whitelisted,” says Nikolaros. “And we have an amazing community of users that have been a game changer for us. They send us DMs to recommend adding new features all the time. We take feedback and suggestions very seriously. Just check out our Telegram.”

Right now, one of bountyblok’s top priorities is to develop a contest creator tool. Whether at a small organization or at global scale, they want people to be able to create contests of any size that allows them to define what they want users to do. For instance, contestants would subscribe to someone’s YouTube channel or join a politician’s district. Upon completion, they’d receive an NFT, or the chance to win a prize.

The platform is also focusing on scalability with the ultimate goal of hitting the benchmark of being able to mint in the millions.

“I’m super excited!” adds Nikolaros. “We’re coming from a traditional world where we build websites that handle millions of users. So for us, we know what it takes in terms of infrastructure. A huge wave of users is coming for sure. We have to prepare because when WAX launches a big game, we are going to be ready.”

Thinking Strategically About Blockchain

The blockchain and bountyblok work perfectly together to open up avenues for every industry to rapidly innovate. The company is leveraging new ways of incentivizing and influencing behavior — and the world is taking note.

Early action on this far-reaching tech will put companies in the best position to benefit from what Nikolaros believes will be widespread adoption. His bet is that blockchain and NFTs are set to radically transform how businesses and customers interact and engage with each other to design the most compelling experiences.

“If we can help a project win, everybody wins,” adds Nikolaros. “Our tools are free to use, and we invite brands to come use them! We’re entering a new era where customer loyalty and engagement is not just a desired outcome from corporate strategies, but a tangible and quantifiable commodity. This is only the beginning.”

Interested in learning more about bountyblok? Request a demo to see the tools in action, join their community on Telegram and Twitter, or check out their case studies.

23, Mar 2022