Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion Raises the Stakes

Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion brings a thrilling set of heroes and villains to WAX in a highly innovative collection, featuring 40 unique blockchain collaborators

Picture this — shimmering, neon-lit streets and the clash of superpowers fighting for supremacy in an alluring, fictional world.

Blockchain Heroes continues to impress with dazzling artwork and thrilling backstories, and now, we get to experience another exciting adventure in the long-awaited fourth release.

The time has come to transport to a futuristic cyberspace in the Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion collection on WAX, where the fight against the evil Centralizers continues to rage on.

What Can I Get?

The excitement begins tomorrow at 10 am ET, as Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion goes live on WAX in the first of two (2) limited-time sales events (more on sale times below).

If you loved the previous releases, this one will probably blow your mind. There are 20 Heroes and 20 Villains to collect — all gorgeously designed to take your imagination on a wild ride.

Get them all in eight (8) rarities, including:

  • Common — 45%
  • Uncommon (Pixel) — 20%
  • Scarce (Sunset) — 15%
  • Rare (Grid) — 10%
  • Epic (3D) — 6%
  • Legendary (Soundtrack) — 3%
  • Mythic (Showtime) — 1%
  • Secret (Experiment) — Forty 1/1 in the set

Take a first look at all 40 characters in the Hero Report:

There are two (2) pack sizes to purchase:

  • Hero Packs retail for the equivalent of $14.95 in WAXP and contain at least five (5) NFTs
  • Titan Packs retail for the equivalent of $74.95 in WAXP and contain at least 30 NFTs

Side note: If you would like an alternative solution for buying your packs, a partnership with Onessus has you covered — visit and use VOID to purchase your Hero and Titan packs with a 15% discount from the original WAXP price. To ensure accuracy, value in accordance with USD will not change during the sale.

With Hero Packs, you have a chance of acquiring a sticker, a classic art card, a collector’s edition, Motes/Motespawns and a 50% chance at finding a Unity Pack.

Meanwhile, purchasing and opening a Titan Pack guarantees one (1) Unity Pack, a sticker and classic art card. These still offer the rare chance at finding the collector’s edition and Motes/Motespawns. Not to mention, you retain the opportunity to receive up to four (4) additional Unity Packs.

*Catch the first sale window from 10 am ET — 2 pm ET on January 21 — and the second window from 10 pm ET — 2 am ET on January 21/22.

During these two windows, there will be 20,000 Hero Packs and 4,000 Titan Packs available.

To ensure minting goes to plan, Hero and Titan pack openings will have a slight delay and will be ready to go on January 23 at 2 pm ET, and Unity Packs can be opened on January 26 at 2 pm ET.

If you thought this was it, you’d be wrong. Check out more of the mind-blowing features this collection brings to the table.

Bonus Unity Packs — A Collaborative Concoction

You might be thinking to yourself, “What on earth is a Unity Pack?” We’re glad you asked, ’cause they’re not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

As you’re purchasing and opening up your Hero or Titan Packs, you’ll have a chance to receive extra-special two (2) card Unity Packs.

Inside, you’ll find collaborative NFTs from 40 unique blockchain names, games and brands including Splinterlands, Colonize Mars, Dr. Zammsy and Graffiti Kings, to name a few. <<<Get the whole list at the bottom of the page.>>>

In fact, many of these special NFTs will have designated, direct utility for the collections that they represent. So you can not only get some pretty sick Blockchain Heroes artwork, you can also find NFTs to use in your favorite collections and games!

Nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted before, and WAX is proud to be the host of such a historic event.

And it gets even better — keep your eyes peeled for two (2) very special community events.

Events: What Does the Future Hold?

The fun keeps on rolling after pack-openings commence. Here are a couple of dates to mark in your calendar:

March 1, 2022 — Motespawn Staking

Earn Motes through owning Motespawns, which will serve a specific purpose later on. Get started early, and check back in February for more details.

April 1, 2022 — Ascension

If you’ve always wanted your face immortalized on the blockchain as a Hero or Villain, this is the event for you. Only 20 players will have this rare opportunity by taking part in the Ultraburn — make sure to have Blockchain Heroes NFTs from all previous primary releases, including Series 1, Series 2 and Stonk Wars, alongside your Retro Rebellion collection.

If you’re one of the first 20 players to complete Ascension in the Ultraburn, you will have the chance to work directly with the Blockchain Heroes Creative Director to become the character of your dreams.

Not to mention, you will be part of the next official release, alongside 20 new characters — AND you’ll receive a financial payout from the collection’s sale once it releases.

To us, that sounds like a win, win. Check back in March for more information on formulas for the Ultraburn and payout percentages for the upcoming sale.

Final Thoughts

WAX is thrilled to watch the Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion come to life — and even open more doors for partnership/collaborative opportunities for creators down the road.

Collaboration Partners:

Yoshi Drops, Colonize Mars, Graffiti Kings, Starcards, R2 Collectibles, Galaktica, Kenn Bosak, NFT Storycards, Dark Galaxies, GNO City, Bad Days, Art by Alex, Corporate World, Dropbears, NeftyBlocks, ImposterPunks, Stoney Baloney, Cryptostache, Waxel Ninjas, Dr Zammsy, HODL God, CryptoChibis, Creek Drops, SNKR Wars, Secret Saviours, Exit Limbo, Any Observation, Splinterlands, Draco Dice, Starship,, Senor Lupe, TIDByts, Gen-E, WAX Paper Fold, Realm NFT, Novopangea, Taco App, Yazing, Traveler’s Cards and xthingscards.

Officially certified as carbon-neutral, WAX provides fans with the collectibles they desire, while offering the chance for partners and artists to flourish and supply valuable treasures.

21, Jan 2022