Blockchain Brawlers Update v0.3.0

As you know it’s our stated goal to continue keeping all of our players updated on the changes and improvements we are building into Blockchain Brawlers. The first month after launch we have and will continue to spend a lot of time looking to add the polish to the game that didn’t quite get implemented into the MVP.

We are also adding and fixing things our community has observed. These quality of life improvements are all listed below. The list includes everything we have changed, added, or improved since we launched two weeks ago.

We hope you are happy with the progress we have made. As always please share your thoughts on our social media channels that you frequent.

The following are our latest updates for you to review:

  • We’ve added a “HEAL ALL” button* that will make it super easy to heal all of your in-game Brawlers in a single click. This feature is especially important for those who are leveraging multiple Brawlers at a time.
  • “BRAWL ALL” button* added to the mix. This way you can send all of your Brawlers to fight with one click of a button.
  • As a result of the two changes above, CPU usage will be cut down (leaving more $$$ in your wallet.
  • We reset the “Heal” Modal so that the slider bar starts at the right instead of the left — so that it begins on “Full Heal” instead of at “0”.
  • OKX button in the Exchange added for ease of use.
  • Added an error message if/when the blockchain RPC endpoints are unresponsive.
  • Notification when swapping rings when multiple Brawlers are on cooldown is now consistent with other in-game messaging.
  • Mobile responsiveness improvements for the Exchange page.
  • The “Crafting” Modal now shows the performance of potentially crafted items with regard to base BRWL earned, Gold NFT drop rate chance, base damage received, and performance multiplier per gear. (NOTE: this change is not present on mobile devices.
  • Added a left panel scroll bar in the “Crafting” Modal in the case where the screen height is less than what is needed to view all the information presented.
  • Updated Brawlerverse music track.
  • Fixed “Ring Swap” Modal display on mobile to now works as designed, which shares the same functionality as the desktop version.
  • Fixed the TOS responsiveness. We were seeing cases where some players were getting hung up on this step getting into the game on their first play-through. This has been resolved.
  • Mobile players on occasion were not able to view the “Accept” button for the Terms of Service. That has now been resolved.
  • Centered gloves inside the display container were misaligned on Safari browsers. This is now resolved.
  • Fixed loading mask image that was previously cut off on Safari browsers. This is now resolved.
  • Referee notifications no longer cover player cards. These notifications now descend from the top left corner as opposed to sliding from left to right.

(*these apply to Legendary and Rare ring holders only)

This is only the first overview of updates made to Blockchain Brawlers. Our mission is to be as transparent as possible, as the Brawlerverse evolves in the coming days, months and years

12, Apr 2022