Alien Worlds Sets the Bar for Free-to-Play P2E Gaming on WAX

The year is 2055. Daring explorers have traveled to the farthest reaches of the universe and discovered a new solar system nestled amongst the stars. Now, seven uncharted planets call out to you, traveler.

Join the thrilling adventure of Alien Worlds, an exciting play-to-earn experience on the WAX Blockchain, where you can mine for resources, stake your claim and fight for supremacy of new lands.

Suit up, blast off and get out there!

Extraterrestrial Excitement

Although there are many fantastic play-to-earn experiences on WAX, Alien Worlds is a game all its own.

Founders Rob Allen, Saro McKenna and Michael Yeates have worked tirelessly to provide players with an extraordinary, decentralized gaming experience that focuses heavily on community.

In fact, the game spans across three different blockchains — WAX (of course), Binance and Ethereum — making its community of gamers robust, and adding a healthy amount of fluidity between the different chains.

So, what exactly is Alien Worlds? Let’s take a look!

Life Beyond Earth

Alien Worlds is a free-to-play gaming experience that allows players to collect NFTs, mine for a fungible token called Trilium (TLM) and compete for domination on the seven planets throughout the expansive metaverse.

If you’ve been wanting to stake your claim, you can visit one of the first six totally independent DAO planets — Kavian, Veles, Naron, Magor, Neri and Eyeke. Every square inch of these planets consist of tokenized plots of land (as NFTs) that can be owned by players and mined for TLM.

What’s super neat is that you don’t have to actually own the land to start mining. You can start by digging up the good stuff on another player’s plot and pay a small commission fee for access.

However, if you do happen to own a piece of land, you’ll be able to charge the commission yourself and earn some extra rewards. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to host events and reward players with your own set of community-made NFTs.

Mining for TLM is super easy, too. Once you’ve equipped your standard shovel NFT (or any other tool you may have available), you can pick the plot of land to mine on and start reaping the rewards immediately with the click of a button. No wait time, no entry fee, no fuss.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about planet number 7. Our final destination is planet Binance, a super unique area that can only be reached through activating special Missions. If you’re serious about your exploration, you’ll need to gather quite a bit of TLM to lease out a fancy spacecraft.

These Missions run independently on their own timer, and each one is different. Upon completion, you can expect to get back a unique NFT and some extra TLM to boot.

Getting Started

Jumping into a play-to-earn experience has never been easier.

As we mentioned before, Alien Worlds is entirely free-to-play for new users. If you’re ready to get your feet wet, all you need to do is make sure that you have an active WAX Cloud Wallet (or a Binance/Ethereum account).

When you log in for the first time, you’ll get your pick from a male or female Avatar, you’ll receive a free standard shovel and enough resources to mine 25 times per day.

From here, you’ll be prompted to pick one of the first six mineable planets and choose the plot of land you wish to start digging on. This can be changed later, so no pressure!

As you delve deeper into the Alien Worlds experience, you may want to start upgrading your Tools or Avatars to increase your earnings and supply unique bonuses (such as being better at mining for NFTs or efficiently gathering TLM), both of which can be done through purchasing on the secondary marketplaces or through gameplay.

If you really want to maximize your earnings, you can equip up to three Tools at a time, although it’s certainly not necessary.

There’s so much that Alien Worlds has to offer, and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the gameplay than joining the massive community.

With over 200,000 daily players, we know there’s really something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s just being social, creating your own NFT collections/collaborations or spending your days mining Trilium.

If you’re not sure where to start, the expansive and welcoming pool of players can help you out. Gamers from around the world have created their own micro-communities based on common interests — so don’t be shy, start exploring and find your niche!

But that’s not all — Alien Worlds has some other interesting things in the works.

Peer Into the Future

Because Alien Worlds is so popular, the dev team is constantly looking for ways to improve both the UI and the scalability of the game to support all of the new Explorers heading their way.

As one of the larger updates in the works, you can expect to see a new Governance feature coming soon that will give you the ability to campaign for Custodian positions on each planet. This is where Planetary Elections come into play, where your vote truly makes a difference.

There is also a new fighting game making its way into the spotlight. “The Thunderdome” will bring in special Minion and Weapon NFTs to help you duke it out for the chance to dominate one of the planets.

These exciting developments and more can be seen on the roadmap listed here.

We have barely even scratched the surface of everything Alien Worlds brings to the table. If this has sparked your interest, you can read more about the game here:

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There’s a reason Alien Worlds is one of the top-played games on WAX, and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Join the fun today!

03, Mar 2022