Plant a Tree for Every $1 Composted

Collect Carbon Offset vIRLs® to reduce your carbon footprint. Buy as many as you’d like and then compost (redeem) them when you’re ready.

A tree sapling will be planted for every $1 you compost, which will offset an average of one tonne of carbon dioxide over each tree’s lifetime.

Featuring 30 Stunning Carbon Offset vIRLs®

The collection features four (4) pack sizes, five (5) tree designs, six (6) rarities, and 30 stunning NFT variations. Each card comes with an assigned dollar value that represents the number of trees to be planted when composted. Plus, they’re fully tradable just like any other NFT — you can buy, sell, trade, and collect as you’d like.


55% Chance

Ray of Light

20% Chance

Waking Up

10% Chance


8% Chance


5% Chance


2% Chance

4 Pack Sizes

Packs range from $19.99 to $199.99. Select that pack that corresponds with the number of tree saplings to be planted once you compost your cards. Every dollar you spend equals another tree to be planted. This is an unlimited collection, so you can buy as many packs as you would like and use them any time.

Get Planting


5 Seedlings & 3 Sprouts digital collectibles | Offset value: $20

Go Greener


5 Seedling, 5 Sprout & 2 Sapling digital collectibles | Offset value: $50

Think Big


1 Matriarch & 1 Forest digital collectibles | Offset value: $150

Save the Planet


10 Seedling, 4 Sprout, 2 Sapling, 1 Matriarch & 1 Forest digital collectibles | Offset value: $200

This sale requires a credit card and a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Enjoy a Free Pack on WAX

Earn a free NFT from the Carbon Offset vIRL® Collection. Simply, join us on August 16 at 1 pm EST. Help us smooth out the process to ensure a flawless release, and you’ll be able to open your pack at 4 pm EST the same day.

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What's your carbon footprint?

Use this interactive calculator powered by CoolClimate to find out — and take action.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Did You Know the Average Person Emits 27 Tonnes of CO2 Per Year?

According to the USDA, a single mature tree offsets 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and the average person outputs 27 tonnes per year. By investing in $2,000 of Carbon Offset vIRL® NFTs every year ($167 monthly), it’s possible to plant enough trees to go carbon neutral.

Unlock the Eco-Friendly Power of vIRL® NFTs

Carbon Offset vIRLs® are digital NFTs with a tangible purpose. vIRL® stands for virtual + Real Life, which means that each NFT is digital until you choose to compost it (redeem it) for the real thing. When you compost your Carbon Offset vIRLs®, a real tree sapling will be planted by the National Forest Foundation. When your NFTs are composted, they cease to exist and more packs can be bought any time you’d like.

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