“Crazy World Ain’t It?”

The John Van Hamersveld “Post-Future” vIRL® NFT Collection Is Coming to WAX.

Known throughout the world for “The Endless Summer” poster, JVH is bringing his vibrant illustrations to life in the form of eccentric vIRL® NFTs – featuring both digital and physical collectibles.

It all starts at 1 pm EST on August 24, 2021.

Unpack, Craft and Create!

The artistic adventure begins when you combine five (5) identical “Pre-Future” build cards and receive an upgraded card in one (1) of four (4) outstanding rarities. You also have a chance of unpacking a Special Edition “Post-Future” vIRL® NFT that can be redeemed for unique Guitar Pick Tins and Pin Sets.


99.95 % CHANCE


62.50 % CHANCE

Crazy Spray

20.83 % CHANCE

Moving Wave

10.42 % CHANCE

The Endless Creation

6.25 % CHANCE


0.048 % CHANCE (vIRL®)

Choose from Two Pack Sizes

The Standard Pack features 15 pre-future cards, and the Mega Pack contains 55 pre-future cards that can be held, traded (on the secondary marketplaces) or used in crafting.

Standard Pack


15 Digital Pre-Minted Cards

Mega Pack


55 Digital Pre-Minted Cards

The number of packs on sale is limited to 5000 Standard Packs and 3500 Mega Packs. This sale requires a credit card and a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

Earn a Free Pack

Join us for a quick stress test the day before official launch on August 23 at 1 pm EST to help us work out the kinks. As a thank you, WAX will gift you a free promo pack — you can then open it at 4 pm EST later in the day. Check out our Discord to sign up.

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Unleash the Power of vIRL® NFTs

Redeem your Post-Future Collector’s Edition vIRL® NFTs to receive select JVH paraphernalia. You can also buy and trade these cards ‘til your heart’s content — only redeem when you’re ready or treasure your digital item forever.

Redeem vIRL® NFTS

Crafting Explained

Crafting occurs when you combine five (5) identical pre-future build cards and receive an upgraded card in one (1) of four (4) outstanding rarities.

Show Explainer

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Why John Van Hamersveld?

John Van Hamersveld’s career spans 58 years of creative genius, beginning with his 1964 breakout success with the movie poster for “The Endless Summer” documentary. He then created the artwork for legendary musicians, including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Blondie, Kiss and more than 400 album covers.

Scarcity Matters

Not only is this a rare opportunity to own the art of a contemporary master, you’re buying into a collection that increases in scarcity when pre-future build cards are burned during the crafting process.

Unleash the Power of NFTs

WAX Blockchain technology empowers collectors to buy and trade digital John Van Hamersveld collectibles on WAX marketplaces, trade them with others, and showcase their inventory on social media. The WAX Blockchain ensures your JVH collectibles are 100% verifiable as authentic.

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